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Vehicle Digital Video Recorder - TMX A9HC

A quality precision made ultra compact Video and Audio Digital Recorder featuring a separate Google interlocked locater chip for super accurate GPS positioning and an inbuilt High Resolution Wide Angle camera.

A second optional camera can be mounted just about anywhere inside or out of a vehicle as required.

The H.264 High Compression continuous video is stored in 60 second file increments by date and time for easy access to the relevant data for replay, and or to save single frames or movies to the supplied software files, to disc or to Desktop PC files.

Features: 1.5 Mega Pixel camera, GPS & G-Sensor, VGA + Audio, Micro SD, Optional 2nd camera 



  • Date, Time, Files
  • Event Storage File
  • One or Two Cameras
  • Single or Dual Screen Views GPS Location
  • Licensed Google Maps
  • Digital Speedometer Function Keys