Fleet Management Tracking Devices and Installation


Are you looking for an advanced vehicle management solution that will help streamline your field service business operations?

To increase the operational efficiency of your business, improve customer service levels and reduce your operating costs?

Then Pinpoint’s Advanced Vehicle Management Solution is precisely what you need. With Pinpoints Advanced Vehicle Management, you can locate, track, monitor and communicate with your vehicles using our Web AVM or Locator Client software to access real time and historical activity records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pinpoint’s Advanced Vehicle Management lets you create specific places and zones to streamline your business operations and view vehicles in Google maps. You can find the closest vehicle, identify the best vehicle for the job, and plot vehicle locations on maps to increase productivity and achieve faster response times. You can view your fleet of vehicles in a table with latest status, enabling you to improve your customer service levels with more accurate data about vehicle location, status and estimated arrival times.

Real time vehicle location with the click of button on a map ensures 100% transparency of vehicle locations and turnaround times, and makes drivers and operators more accountable for their time and their use of vehicles or equipment.


10 BIG Benefits of Using Pinpoint’s Advanced Vehicle Management Solution:

  • Reduce the use of contract drivers by getting more productivity from your existing fleet.
  • Complete visibility of your fleet
  • Identify the best vehicle for the job
  • Billable Hours: Make drivers and operators more accountable for their time and their use of the vehicle or equipment.
  • Improve customer service with more accurate data about vehicle location and status.
  • Improved security and protection for drivers and vehicles
  • Save time by gathering remote data such as vehicle odometer, kilometres travelled, engine hours and route travelled.
  • Working Hours: View time spent within working hours, driver accountability.
  • Eliminate errors by automating job data direct to the vehicle and the driver.
  • Save time by getting immediate response job data from the drivers in the field


Key Features of Pinpoint’s Advanced Vehicle Management Solution include:

  • Real time visibility on vehicle and driver location for effective dispatching.
  • Analysis of historical data for driver behaviour, routes, customer site visits, productive vehicle usage and more.
  • Two-way messaging between office and vehicle.
  • Job dispatch direct to your vehicles and staff.
  • Monitoring of vehicle systems, such as temperature alerting for refrigerated vehicles.
  • Application Integration, providing information to your in house applications.


Pinpoints AVM solutions are designed to help your business reduce operating costs and increase revenues, through improved productivity, efficiency and customer service.