Car Kit Installations | Bluetooth and Hands-Free Car Kits


Don't Risk the Fines!

Don't get caught with your phone to your ear while driving, otherwise you could face a hefty fine and lose demerit points.

We stock the full range of Bury hands free car kits, which we can professionally fit to your vehicle.

Car Kits allow you to:

  • Drive safely with both hands on the wheel
  • Holds phone securely (where cradle available)
  • Gives increased reception with an external antenna
  • Mutes radio (where available)
  • Phone is always charged (where available)
  • Clear audio
  • We use specialised mounting brackets for NO HOLES installs


Bury Bluetooth Handsfree car kit


The Bury CC9045 is a brilliant feature competitive and cost competitive Bluetooth hands-free car kit. Its sole focus is to provide a clear telephone conversation with easy to use controls. It efficiency can be appreciated right after installation in your vehicle as all you can see is the microphone and the three small buttons to receive a call (or dial using voice tags (1)) or increase\decrease the speaker volume.

Although the CC9045 is visually compact it can certainly make itself heard! Thanks to the Bluetooth A2DP protocol.It also goes without saying that the sound quality with telephone calls is superb. This is made possible by the built-in DSP processor that filters out almost all of the driving noise.

1 The scope of the functions may vary according to mobile phone, network provider and software version.



 Bury CC9060 IQ

The CC9060 IQ Bluetooth hands free car kit is known by many as the flagship of the Bury product range. It took hands-free communications down the voice activation and colour touch screen road, when other Bluetooth hands-free kits could only dream of these features. Today it continues to grow and build upon its success from day 1!

Bluetooth hands-free car kits don't come much easier to use than this; the combination of magic word (voice prompt to trigger the kit without touching any component), voice answer (say accept or reject after an incoming call is announced to answer or decline) and the ability to have text messages and Blackberry emails read aloud ensure that your concentration is dedicated to the task of driving.

A 2.8in touch screen makes navigating though the menus of the kit quick and easy and the multiple background colour options allows for integration into each vehicles unique ambiance.

Convenient features like Multipoint, which allows 2 handsets to be paired to the kit at once as well the Memo record function which has the ability to record calls or leave messages for other drivers add to the WOW factor of the CC9060 IQ.

The CC9060 IQ is designed to fit you; the colour screen be tailored to suit the interior of your vehicle and the speech recognition technology enables the kit to learn your voice, just perform a quick voice training session to ensure maximum ease of use.

1 The scope of the functions may vary according to mobile phone, network provider and software version.


System 9


System 9 is Bluetooth hands-free car kits best friend .The idea behind System 9 is to hold your Phone, charge your Phone and connect it to an external antenna. Then all you have to do is connect your Phone up to your Bury or pre-existing Bluetooth hands-free car kit.

Using Burys interchangeable cradle philosophy System 9 is purchased in two stages; first purchase the generic base then, depending on what phone or handset you own purchase a cradle specific to that handset or an adjustable cradle.

The easy cradle snap-in system allows cradles to be changed in a second, no tools are required and multiple users of the one vehicle can make use of the kit even if they have different handsets as long as they have the cradle to match their handset.